Sally Jones Botanics, Art, Illustration

About Sally Jones

Sally studied at Bath Academy of Art.Degree in 3D Design and Painting, where the tutors were big on colour, these tutors included Howard Hodgkin and Malcolm Hughes. Early work crystalized into plant studies with links established with the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, BSBI and Kew Gardens London.

In meetings with Dr Chris Page, fern and conifer expert it was agreed that a series of paintings of very rare ferns and conifers would highlight habitat loss and loss of rare plants: leading to a loss of biodiversity. A series of 12 paintings A1 size on water colour board now exist as a record of this collaboration.

Work for New Plantsman and Curtis's Magazine Kew has lead to published illustrations in these magazines. One particular painting of Pseudolarix amabilis was used to promote The 4th International Conifer Conference poster. There have only been only four of these conferences since 1891.

Sally's work continues as fresh specimens, both local and foreign present themselves.